International Women's Day 2015!

Hiya everyone!
Yesterday we celebrated one of the best days of the year - INTERNATIONAL WOMENS DAY! The last year has been great for the development of women's rights, and has been the first year where I've actively been campaigning for gender equality. It's been this year that I've begun to see how much inequality there is in the world, so I wanted to write about what gender equality means to me. 

Originally I wasn't going to blog about international women's day, but yesterday afternoon I watched the HeForShe conversation with Emma Watson (which was totally brilliant btw) and thought, you know what, gender equality is an issue that I'm really passionate about, and one that our generation needs to be engaging with, so it deservs to be featured on here. IWD is an amazing opportunity to celebrate our hard work and commitiment, but it's also a time for us to raise awareness, and to realise that there is so much more that needs to be done in our fight for equality.

As a young teenage girl, and one that hopes for an influential career, stories like those of Malala - who was shot for standing up for every girls right to an education - make me shocked and angry at society. The fact that over 3/4 of our MPs are men continues to horrify me. It worries me that our generation in slipping into the state of mind that just because women have the vote, the fight for gender equality is over. It's the everyday things, the 'you ------ like a girl', the lack of strong women in media, the prejudice we still have that women and girls cannot lead. And the global things too. The things happening on the other side of the world, the girls subject to FGM, the girls not in school, the girls that don't have a voice. That's what we are facing in the 21st century.

And that's why I still need feminism. 

I bet you irked a bit then. Because even in the 21st century, the word feminism still holds so many negative connotations. By definition the word feminism means political, social and economic equality for all, yet we still continue accociate it with hate, hate of men. That itself should prove answer enough to the question 'why do we still need feminism?'. 

But it's not just a women's fight, it's everyone's fight. For me, feminism today isn't just about equality for women, but for equality for men, children, the LBGT community and everyone else. This year I encourage all young people reading this, whatever your gender, to raise their voice in the fight for equality. If you don't know where to start, I would highly suggest watching Emma Watsons heforshe video on her Facebook, it was honestly so powerful! You don't need to turn into a huge campaigner, it can be the tiniest everyday things you do that can change someone's perspective, for life.

We are the future world leaders,  but we don't have to wait until we are adults to make a difference. By educating ourselves, and engaging in global issues now, our chances of creating an equal world are 10x higher. One quote from Emma that really sticks out for me, and one that I feel is so fitting right now is this: "If not me, who? If not now, when?". No one is going to change the world for you, this life wasn't given to you just so you could sit back and let everyone else do the work. If there is an issue that you're passionate about, it doesn't have to be gender equality, it can be anything that will positively impact our world, please don't wait to act! Act now, start small, and great things can happen. 

Sarah xx

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