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Welcome back to the HAVE YOUR SAY series! I know, I haven't posted one of these in ages but today we are changing that with an article by the lovely Emily Foster, who came to a conference I ran all the way back in October. Here she talks about her experience and the amazing work she has got planned as a result of it! 

On the 12th October 2015 Anton, Ethan and I all attended the Dorset E-Safety and Anti-Bullying conference in Dorchester. We attended many workshops run by the police and the Dorset Youth Council. The aim of the conference was to help young people learn about bullying and different ways to help yourself and others cope if they were to be bullied. As only a few people from each school could attend, the aim was to take new ideas and information back to the school and tell the rest of the BOSS team to see if we could take any points into action.

One of the workshops we attended was run by the police and they explained what to do and who to tell if you're being bullied. They also informed us about when it is serious enough to inform the police. We discussed types of bullying (physical, racial etc) with different schools and talked about different ways to tackle each one.

Another workshop was working with the Dorset Youth Council called ‘It’s Okay To Tell’ and their focus was on the fact that speaking out against bullying was the only way to stop it. We started off with the basics, by talking about what bullying is and why it is wrong. We then wrote on a ‘graffiti wall’ ideas of how to deal with bullying. Everyone had different ideas about bullying but we all agreed that everything detail should be confidential and no one should take action without the victims consent. Then we talked about networks and people you could tell. We drew a stick figure with two circles around it and filled the inner circle with our closest connections (family, friends) and then filled the outer circle with other important people (teachers, police). The aim of this was to get everyone thinking about who they could tell. 

Overall the day was very good, we all learnt new things to take back to school and see if we could improve the our anti bullying group some more, to make it as effective as we can! 

By Emily Foster

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