Hey there,

My name is Sarah and I'm the girl behind 'Sarah's Say'! I am 15 years old and have a passion for helping people to make the world a nicer place through campaigning and community service.  Over the last couple of years I've learnt a lot about many of the issues we are currently facing in our world, from animal rights, to gender inequality, from climate change to bullying: and as a result I've become a keen activist within my community for the issues I care about.

I started this blog to show other teenagers like me that you do not need to wait until you turn 18 to start having your voice listened to. You don't need to be popular, or rich, or sporty, or super academic, you just need to be passionate and driven to make a difference. I wanted to create the ultimate webzine for any teenager (although everyone is very welcome) who would like to see a brighter future for our world.

I really didn't want this blog to be about sitting on the internet and ranting about this that and the other, when I made this blog I had a vision of this being a place you can come to learn more about the world and gain the confidence and knowledge to take action about issues you're passionate about!

However, despite my blog's name 'Sarah's Say',  I also want you to have your say too! As you may of noticed in my top banner there is a category entitled 'Have Your Say', this will take you straight to a form where you can tell me all about the incredible action you've been taking. Whether that be campaigning, fundraising, running a workshop or something else, I would love to hear about it! The best ones will be featured in a monthly column called (you guessed it): Have Your Say.

I really hope you enjoy reading my little blog, and more than that I hope you find something that inspires you to make a difference, for youth shouldn't be wasted on the young.

Love you all,

Sarah xx


  1. Hi there, Sarah! :)
    I'm amazed, honestly.
    You've made a very beautiful blog!
    Each post of yours (including this page) is brimming with maturity.
    I also agree with all the points you've mentioned above. It's really, really good that you're speaking out by your amazing writing skills! :)
    I'm following you! :D
    Stay awesome as ever,
    Much love,

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comments, just made my day! Likewise with your blog, I love it, you've obviously worked really hard on it, and it really shows!

      Hope you are having an amazing day!
      Sarah xx

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  3. Wow, I have to say that I'm in love with your blog! I share many of the same opinions as you on things like the UK voting system and politics, etc. I'm so happy I've found your blog, wow!
    I hope you don't mind but I kind of went all out with the social media connections and have literally added you on everything, don't be creeped out or anything - I just did it in excitement, haha!
    I'm seriously in love with your blog and some of your views though, I'd love to get talking to you some time if you don't mind. If you're interested, I also have a blog which you can find at http://s-blog.co.uk and I'd really appreciate it if you could take a look.
    Kind Regards,
    Shay Jordan :)

    1. Hi there Shay!
      Thank you so much for you lovely comment, I've got the biggest smile on my face right now haha! I've just taken a look at your blog and I'm really impressed too. I particularly liked your Sexism post and I completely agree that feminism should never be used as an excuse to insult anyone, it's all about empowering people! Have you heard of the 'he for she' campaign run by Emma Watson with the UN? I think it'd be right up your street!

      Don't worry about the social media, I'm exactly the same, when I find something I love i don't want to lose it lol! I would love to chat sometime, I'm always on the lookout for other passionate young people to make connections with.

      Sarah :)

    2. You're welcome, and thank you for reading my blog - I'm glad you enjoyed it! I'd never heard of the 'He for She' campaign, so thank you for letting me know about it, I've just had a look at it and it definitely does seem quite interesting; I'll have to have a more in depth read of it when I get some spare time.

      Shay :)

  4. I love this! xx
    ~ Sanjana